Get Involved

Join Us

You can help Hawai’i’s native species
by volunteering for one or more of our
ongoing projects.

Become a

Get involved to make different.

Protect & Restore


Teachers, researchers, and wildlife managers need help
from community members to spread the word about
Hawai’i’s wildlife. Below are some ideas about how to share
your knowledge and areas of expertise.

Volunteer to Share Your Skills

Teach Intro to Birding

Experienced birders can teach
classes on basic birding skills

Participate in School Programs

Help with school programs and
presentations on birds and their

Organize Events

Help organize speaking
engagements and/or outings.


Help answer questions and
explain our mission to the public.

Lead an Activity

Ranging from field trips, tours,
Christmas Bird Counts, or service projects (all

Habitat Restoration

Help with Habitat restoration at
Freeman Seabird Preserve (seasonal:
January, February, March).

Provide Support

Help with locating grant
opportunities and grant writing.

Contact us with your name, contact information, availability and the type of
volunteer opportunities you are interested in at