Kōlea Quest 2024

Please fill out the linked INTEREST SURVEY to express your interest in joining this adventure. Trip managers will contact you to discuss the details and how to secure your spot. Space may be limited due to room configurations. Participants must meet with coordinators via Zoom or phone call to go over details and requirements. 

Review the attached trip flyer for more details.


The Hawaiʻi Audubon Society is headed to Nome, Alaska, and we want you to join us.

 From June 24-28, 2024 we will explore the arctic tundra of Alaska to find and observe kōlea, the Pacific Golden Plover, at their breeding grounds and with luck, locate kōlea chicks. 

Each spring, on the southern edge of Alaska’s Seward Peninsula is a place where over 100 species of migratory birds travel across ancient migration routes. Decked out in striking breeding plumage, the birds arrive ready for a short, intense summer of raising the next generation. Birds migrate north for the long days and abundant food—insects, plants, seeds, and aquatic creatures. These spring arrivals join moose, musk ox, and bear that inhabit the peninsula year-round.  

Alongside seasoned guides and researchers we will discover the rugged beauty and wilderness surrounding Nome.

Hope to see you there,
Hawaiʻi Audubon Society