School Outreach

We visit classrooms from preschool through high school to inspire the next generation to love and protect Hawaiʻi’s birds their habitats. Request a visit at or fill out this form:

Our education and outreach program focuses on kōlea (Pacific Golden Plover), the ‘ua’u kani (Wedge-tailed Shearwater), and the manu-o-kū (White Tern), three native species that the Hawaiʻi Audubon Society highlights in separate projects and school presentations.

We chose these birds because they’re often visible in school yards and neighborhoods, which gives students a personal connection and opportunity for in-person encounters.

To teach students how to notice and record birds’ appearances and behaviors, we include lessons in drawing and writing. These methods encourage connections between art, science, math, and critical thinking.

Our classes and talks are free. Your membership or donation will help us continue sharing the joy of Hawaiʻi’s birds.