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Freeman Seabird Preserve Wedge tailed Shearwaters ‘Uau Kani min

Freeman Seabird Preserve, Wedge-tailed Shearwaters, ‘Ua’u kani

After a one-acre plot of land in Honolulu’s Black Point neighborhood
was found to host 30 Wedge-tailed Shearwaters, owners Mr. and Mrs.
Houghton Freeman gifted the vacant site to the Hawai‘i Audubon
Society. Volunteers plant native vegetation, build shearwater nesting
spots, conduct scientific research, promote education, and conduct
bird-watching sessions. Today over 700 of these native seabirds use
the Freeman Preserve to find mates and raise chicks. Join in the fun

Honolulus White Terns Manu o Ku min

Honolulu's White Terns, Manu-o-Kū

White Terns breed throughout the tropics worldwide, but only in
Honolulu do these seabirds mate and raise chicks amid the clamor of
a major city. In 1961, birders spotted the first pair of White Terns on
O’ahu sitting on an egg near Koko Head. Today, about 2,300 White
Terns grace the south side of O’ahu from Hawaii Kai to Pearl City. To
learn more about these charming seabirds, and how to join their
teams of human helpers, go to

Hawaiis Pacific Golden Plovers Kolea min

Hawai’i's Pacific Golden-Plovers, Kōlea

Be it a private backyard, a city park, or a grassy patch of a downtown
building, Pacific Golden-Plovers, migratory shorebirds known as
Kōlea, have, for decades, adapted remarkably to life among humans.
Even so, little is known about these personable birds, such as how
many spend winters in Hawai’i, when they arrive and when they leave.
Join hundreds of community plover lovers in counting Kōlea and
noting their comings and goings at

Watch Susan Scott’s webinar “Every Kōlea Counts” from March 16, 2023 on


We visit classrooms from preschool through high school to inspire the next generation to love and protect Hawaiʻi’s birds their habitats. Request a visit at or vist our School Outreach page to learn more.

We also have a page full of links to classroom activities and videos to help you learn more about our special birds.



HAS strongly encourages you to keep your cat:

  • indoors
  • on a leash
  • in a dedicated outdoor enclosure to provide safe outdoor access
White Tern Walks min

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For updates and more information about scheduled events, visit our Events page.

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Bird Walks

Hawaiʻi Audubon Society offers some bird walks and tours upon request. Please keep in mind that most events are organized by volunteers and their availability may vary throughout the year.

For more information, visit our Bird Walks page.